Welcome to Locust Point

…an idyllic, peaceful place to live and work—aside from the occasional murder.

This series started out a few years ago when my mother had cataract surgery and we joked that the “floaters” she saw were actually ghosts. That was when I put together the framework for a series of mysteries with a similarly newly-sensitive heroine—a heroine who was 60 and a recent widow, trying to rebuild her life after her husband’s death. I’ve been publishing gritty contemporary urban fantasy since 2012 under the name Debra Dunbar, but this traditional cozy mystery series was a complete 180 from my other books, so I put it on the back burner to simmer while I wrote my other novels.

Then last year Mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive lung cancer. With her treatments and a compromised immune system, she fell back on the hobbies she could enjoy from her comfy spot on the sofa—crocheting, watching old movies, and reading mysteries.  The idea for the Locust Point Series returned to the forefront as we talked about the characters and the various plots. Knowing the need for a separate branding for these novels, Mom helped me come up with the pen name Libby Howard. Libby was her mother’s nickname (Elizabeth) and Howard is my father’s middle name. I started work on the series in earnest, discussing all the details with Mom along the way. She was so excited for these books. I only wish she would have lived to see them published. Mom passed away in March of this year, three months before the release of book 1, The Tell-All. I know she would have loved them, and hope that you do too!

I’ll be release the first five books in 2017—The Tell-All, Junkyard Man, Antique Secrets, Hometown Hero, and A Literary Scandal. There will be three more coming in 2018—Root of All Evil, The Last Supper, and A Grave Situation. If you love small-town, cozy mysteries, then you’ll love this series, so pick up The Tell-All today and start reading!

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